God has a message

God definitely had meant to send me a message today!

This morning, I started to play the internet radio Kiss 92, and went about to prep breakfast. Halfway through, I heard the songs switch to my collection of Hillsong Christian songs instead. Thinking that my wife had switched the music, I casually asked her during breakfast if she had. She shook her head and replied, “I thought you were the one who switched the tracks.” Hmm …

When I went into office, I was going to launch Flipboard and I hit another App instead and guess what … the Bible App launched instead. God had definitely wanted to send me a message today.

“be patient & wait for the Lord to strengthen ur heart & guide ur actions” – Parenting by Design Daily Devotional: http://bible.us/r/24.1E

Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Missing the variety of Ba Zhang that is typically available back in Singapore. Salted egg with pork, nonya, shrimps, etc … The dumplings taste different here, because of the type of rice used, and the filling that is in the rice dumpling.

A typical dumpling here will only have meat and salted egg yolk as filling. A typical dumpling back in Singapore will have meat, salted egg yolk, mushrooms and chestnut making it more flavourful.

Here’s a cute infographic of how a dumpling is made:


Eva & Parents First Experience With Infant Fever

Eva came down with a fever this week. It was a first time she has fallen sick. Wife has 2 hypothesis: (1) She caught a cold from the neighbour’s husband who was sneezing at the corridor continously while our home door was opened, (2) Due to the weather and her eating Eva had become too “heaty”. Either of which we have yet to prove.

Woke up in the middle of the night at around 3 am, and realized that Eva was hot-to-the-touch. Took her temperature and it was 38.8 C. Was it hot? Was it normal? I went to screen the health booklet to see the temperature that was recorded on her regular health check. 37.5, 37.1, 40, 38. Hmm … was curious why when her temperature was 40C the nurses had not alerted us. Was it normal?

So, I started to Google … baby fever when to see a doctor, and the 2nd resulted made me laugh.google-fever-search

Conclusion was anything above 38C was a fever and above 38.5C was a high fever. We helped Eva to cool her body down a little with a damp cool cloth, and she fell asleep later. We hoped that her fever would go away. At 5 am, she woke again and her temp, was 38.4C, still high but had gone down.

We decided to go to the hospital to have a check. Our usual ASOG was not opened till 9 am, so we decided to try the Shanghai Childrens’ Hospital (Beijing West Road) which was just round the corner of our house. The normal VIP clinic was not open till 8 am, so we had to see the Emergency, and there were loads of people waiting.


Here’s my impression of the place:

– It was filthy. There was rubbish all over the sides of the road, spit all over the place, because parents were simply throwing rubbish around the bin (not into the bin) and spitting right outside the door step of the clinic.

– It was overcrowded. Kids came with 2 parents and grandparents. Ridiculous amount of attention for 1 kid, and they talk too loudly in the clinic where it should be a place for rest and recuperation.

– It was hot & stuffy. The clinic was crowded and the air-con was set at 26C. Hospitals usually set their temperature lower to also cool the patient’s temperature, but not here … hence everyone seems to be edgy and irritable.

– The process was messy. You wait for over an hour to see the doctor. Queue numbers had no apparent sequence. Random patients continue to walk into the doctor’s room to ask questions and get follow up answers even when other patients were already in there.

– Doctor overdoes it with the treatment. You have a fever and they ask you to take a blood test immediately and/or go on a drip. Internationally, this only happens when there are certain indications doctors like to confirm. Here it has become a norm so much so that when we asked the doctor why Eva had to take a blood test, she just said because she had a fever.

Wife and I eventually decided that we will not want Eva to take a blood test unnecessarily when she was so young, hence, we told the doctor that we did not want to consult anymore and took our booklet and left.

We decided to go to ASOG when they opened at 9 am. Went to the familiar environment and thankfully the appointment schedule for Dr Song was not full and we saw her relatively quickly. Her check up was more thorough, including asking more questions about the symptoms and explaining clearly what the possibilities are and only in the event that it was a viral infection will they have to do a blood test to confirm. (Sounds more reassuring!)

Anyway, Eva is recovering at home. Her fever still comes on and off with the effects of the medication, but we shall monitor and see what to do next.


Separation Anxiety

Apparently, there is a professional & scientific explanation for the crying whenever mummy leaves the room. It’s called Separation Anxiety!

Baby feels like they miss you immediately when you leave the room, and gets upset and starts crying. This usually happens during the 6 – 7 months when they are beginning to be aware of the people and surrounding about them. They also start to develop emotional attachments to the people around them.

Another thing I noticed Eva doing more recently is calling out both mummy and daddy but not really looking at anyone in particular. Not too sure if she is really referring to someone, or she is just trying to articulate a sound.

粉丝通 FenSiTong

aka Sponsored Stories (on Facebook) or Promoted Tweets (on Twitter).

粉丝通 FenSiTong

The commercial version of a standard content post has officially arrived on Sina Weibo. Little late, but nonetheless here …

It can be identified by 3 distinct characteristics:
1. It is tagged as Weibo Marketing or 微博推广, to indicate it being an advertisement
2. It is most probably not a brand you have followed, hence the Follow or 关注 button to ask you to follow the brand
3. It is also signed off with Marketing or 推广 to emphasize that this is really an ad!

Officially launched from late 2012, this product is only opened to SMEs and allows them to performance marketing on the Sina Weibo User Base. Pricing is based upon a real-time bid model (similar to search PPC), and you can either buy on CPM or CPE (Engagement) basis. Depending on your needs you can also target based on any of the following criteria: (a) Age, (b) Gender, (c) Geography, Province, City, Town, (d) Interests, and (e) Keywords.

Sounds like a great marketing tool?

Here’s the link to the product: http://tui.weibo.com/

Don’t get angry at a 7-month old

I admit that I recently got angry at little Eva for reasons that was really not controlled by her at all.

The situation was that recently Eva did not drink her milk well at her meal just before bedtime. She would make a fuss to be fed, but would only drink a meagre portion, before falling off into slumber and then refuse to drink anymore. As such, Eva goes to bed full, but only for a short period of time, and would have to wake up again very quickly during the night, usually at 1 or 2 am.

Previously, there was a period of time when Eva was able to go to bed at 8 pm and slept till morning at 4 or 5 am before she woke up to drink again. That coupled with other parents letting me in on their kids behaviour of sleeping from 6 pm to 6 am, or sleeping from 9 pm to 7 am … etc … and I get really upset that Eva was unable to get into a habit of sleeping well at night.

It simply had to be because of not having a full and complete meal before sleeping that was disrupting her rest at night. Hence, wife and I tried various ways to feed her more, even feeding her an additional time before we went to bed so she would get fuller. We also tried just feeding water to her when she woke at 2 am, but that did not satisfy her and she still had to drink some milk before she would fall asleep.

Was really upset and tired one night when Eva woke up again at 2+ am and was just thinking … can’t she just go to sleep!!!

Later on, I realized that Eva really does not know what is going on and getting upset with her would not mean anything and can change anything. Thankfully for a understanding wife that I can lean on and count on to help whenever it gets to trying. Buddy-buddy, friend-friend to get through some of the “downs” of having a kid.

Anyway, if anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to help a baby sleep through the night, please do share …

Imperial Treasures 御宝轩

Went for lunch Dim Sum (点心) over the weekend at Imperial Treasures and found the food to be very delicious. This is the same Imperial Treasures at Takashimaya, Singapore, and the food quality is very much comparable to what is available back home.

Slightly pricier than usual, averaging 25 – 30 rmb for each dish with an additional 10% surcharge for service.

Anyhow, if you are looking for great dim sum to give them a try.

Mummy, Don’t Walk Away

It appears that Eva is now very attached to the mum.

Every time the mum turs her back to walk away, be it to wash her hands, to the next room, or to go out, Eva will start to cry.

When mummy is at home, Eva will always monitor where the mum is, unless of course Eva is occupied with toys for her to play.

Seems being at home, even with an Ayi to help take care, Eva has developed a strong bond with mummy. Thankfully, and luckily for mummy, that Eva is not sticky to the extent that she does not allow other people to carry her. Eva merely wants to know her mum is around.

So, mummy, don’t walk away from me …


中国合伙人 (2013) - Image from Douban

中国合伙人 (2013) – Image from Douban

Went to watch this movie (finally been in a theatre again after many months) this afternoon courtesy of Mr H and found it to be a very good movie.

The film was based upon a “true” story of the English Language company that got listed on Nasdaq, showing how its founders started out in school, pursued the American Dream in various ways and eventually realising that dream … yet it wasn’t the so-called American Dream, but a dream … a dream that everyone has, not just Americans.

Besides being quite a touching film about friendship and love, it was also a film about determination, perseverance and dreaming big. “Do you have a dream?” one of the character kept asking the other, as though the movie was appealing to the audience to really think about what their dreams were.

If you had a dream, then relentlessly pursue it.

If you did not have a dream, then … “Do you have a dream?”