Searching for your purpose? 10 questions to find your unique purpose.

Searching for your purpose? ✨

Here are 10 questions to find your unique purpose.

  1. What sparks joy and excitement in your life?
    What activities make you lose track of time and bring you joy?
    What skills and talents do you possess that you truly enjoy using?

  2. What problems do you feel naturally compelled to solve?
    What do you find effortless that others may struggle with?
    What problems in the world deeply move you?

  3. What values are non-negotiable for you?
    How can you live authentically?

  4. If you could make a positive impact in any way, what would it be?
    What legacy/impact do you want to leave behind?

  5. If you had all the resources you needed, how would you spend your days?
    What would you do if budget wasn’t an issue?

  6. What would “living your best life” look and feel like?
    When do you feel most alive and fulfilled?

  7. What past experiences, both positive and negative, have shaped who you are?
    What limiting beliefs might be holding you back from pursuing your purpose?

  8. Who inspires you? Why?
    Who are your role models and why do you admire them?
    Who can you connect with who shares similar values and aspirations?

  9. What unexpected detours and discoveries have you made on your journey?
    What have you learnt from these discoveries?

  10. If fear or failure weren’t a factor, what bold steps would you take in life?
    What small step can you take today to move towards your purpose-filled life?

Your purpose isn’t a fixed destination, it is a continuous exploration. 🛣

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