Feel anxious meeting new people? 10 questions to uncover why.

🀝 Feel anxious meeting new people?

Let’s uncover why with these 10 questions:

  1. Why is meeting new people important to you?
    What does meeting new people mean to you?
    How does meeting new people help you?

  2. Describe a recent situation where you felt anxious in anticipation of a social interaction?
    What kind of social setting was it?
    With whom were you meeting with?
    Were you with someone or alone?

  3. What thoughts cross your mind in social situations?
    How did you perceive yourself?
    What fears came up for you?

  4. What do you notice in your body? Tightness? Shortness of breath?
    Is there any tightness or compressions in your body?
    What’s going on in your gut?
    Notice your breathing – is it shallow? does it quicken?

  5. How do you see yourself in socially? Do you think others share that view?
    “I see myself as …”
    Do you think others view of you is accurate?

  6. Where else have you experience similar sensations or thoughts?
    Whose voice do you hear?
    Did you have a similar experience as a child?

  7. What have you tried in the past to manage this fear?
    What was effective and what wasn’t?
    What have you not tried?

  8. Are there instances where you felt at ease meeting new people?
    What was different?
    How does that compare to your current experiences?

  9. Describe your ideal “future self” who doesn’t have this fear.
    Who inspires you as someone without this fear?
    What qualities do they have?

  10. What are some small, achievable steps you could take to feel more comfortable meeting new people?
    What can you practise starting today?
    Who can support you in your journey?

Ready to overcome anxiety and connect?

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