I can’t lose weight: 10 Questions To Help You Breakthrough Your Weight Barrier.

I can’t lose weight!

I struggled with weight issues all my life.

I was considered obese as a kid, and had to be put in TAF Club, i.e. Trim and Fit Club (otherwise also known as FAT club), where one is forced to skip meals during recess breaks and do physical exercise. It was PAINFUL!

Younger, bigger-sized me

I really only became lean during my army days (yup, all Singaporean males are mandated to join the military) and even then I struggled with fitness. I wasn’t fast, neither was I strong, but I kept telling myself that I could do it, and I did!

Later on, I continued to struggle with my weight, bouncing between 75 kg to 92 kg, as I shift between inconsistent dieting and exercising.

Eventually, during a coaching session, and also having read the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, I realised that I had been approaching my weight loss all wrong. I was doing a lot of actions hoping to get the results I want, but I was not able to be consistent with my actions, hence the results varied.

It was only when I changed my observer or my “being” to “I am a healthy person” that I was able to consciously make different choices.

Instead of sleeping in, I would wake up early and go for a run.

Instead of buying and eating a bag of chips, I will not buy chips.

Instead of drinking sugary drinks, I will drink water or other healthier options.

Instead of eating loads of oily, fried food, I will eat more healthy food (I have started to love avocados since then!)

My family had also been very supportive, especially during meal times – where there is no judgement. 🙂

Being a healthy person, allowed me to do all that without my mind and body being incongruent, and as a result, I went from 92 kg to 84 kg in 6 months.

My target is 77 kg.

So, are you also struggling with weight loss?

Here are 10 Questions To Help You Breakthrough Your Weight Barrier.

  1. What are your motivations to lose weight?
  2. What makes losing weight important for you now?
  3. How do you envision your life changing once you achieve your weight loss goals?
  4. What is your current relationship with food and exercise?
  5. How do you feel about your body image and self-esteem?
  6. How do you typically handle stress or emotional triggers in your life?
  7. What have you tried in the past to help you lose weight? What worked and what didn’t work?
  8. What inner dialogue plays in your weight loss journey?
  9. Who do you need to be and what inner dialogue would you have to help you on this journey?
  10. What support system or people do you have in place to help you?

Start with who and let your who guide you into making better decisions on your weight loss journey.

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