Do Present: How to give a talk and be heard

Do Present: How to give a talk and be heard cover

“Presentations should be used to spread ideas, not information.” Garry Reynolds shares in “Do: Present”.

Fascinating book about “How to give a talk and be heard”, which goes beyond the concrete tips of making a presentation.

Garry offers that it’s not only about doing, but being that makes one a great presenter. Be kind, be good enough, be confident, be still, listen, love with all your heart, sleep well, eat well, believe in something bigger, etc.

Most of us believe we have to do more to achieve and become who we want to be – I diet and exercise to become a healthy person.

In actual fact, we got it the wrong way round. We need to be first, before we do – I am a healthy person, therefore I eat well and exercise.

What limiting beliefs have you placed on yourself?

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