“I am never enough”

“I am never enough” cover
Ontological coaching has recently helped me uncover a deep-seated belief within myself: I was never enough.Never enough for that school.
Never enough for that job.
Never enough for that position.
Never enough to be part of that group.
Never enough to achieve that.

This resulted in over-compensating by doing more, yet always settling for second best.

It was exhausting.

Through coaching and self-reflection, I uncovered how deep and how far back my “never enough” narrative went. Growing up I was constantly compared to my older brother, who was achieving better results and talented in many ways. I kept doing, but I simply couldn’t measure up. Fast-forward 30 years and no one but me is doing the comparing. My brother and I are in vastly different fields, but I still have the narrative that he has achieved more than I have.

Working with my coach, I acknowledged this narrative does not serve me anymore and made a new declaration.

I am enough.
I am capable.
I am able to achieve what I desire.

Initially, speaking these words felt unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable. But with practice and conscious effort, I have grown more comfortable declaring I am enough. By paying attention to my body and posture, I ground myself and tap into a sense of strength and empowerment.

The feeling of “not enough” is a common struggle for many. It manifests in different ways such as overachieving, imposter syndrome, or a constant sense of resignation and resentment.

This journey has taught me that our own perception of ourselves is what truly matters. Embracing the belief that I am enough has allowed me to step into my own power, appreciating my unique strengths and contributions.

I encourage you to reflect on your own narrative. What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What new narrative would serve you moving forward?

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