Clean up, Clean up, Put Your Toys (Mess) Away

Clean up, Clean up, Put Your Toys (Mess) Away cover

Anyone with a kid will know how challenging it is to get your young child to keep and clear up their toys after they are done. Many ultimatums must surely have been issued … 

Clear up your toys now, or it will be all gone.

Clear up the mess, or no more TV time tomorrow.

Clear the floor up, or else … 

But, why is it important to even teach them to clear up their toys?

Well, ideally this helps to nurture responsible teenagers and later on adults that are responsible and accountable for their actions.

Image a workplace where everyone takes ownership of every project they run. They become responsible and accountable for any deliverable, any issues that arise and, of course, the eventual success. It’s about having the mindset to work through to the end, even if it gets tough and it is all a mess.

I believe the only way of teaching this is to “Be an example”. There really isn’t any other way around this. Action surely speaks louder in this case. Sure, you can throw ultimatums at work too, but that probably won’t fly very well. 

So lead by example … 

Do you clear the dishes after a meal?

Do you put away your computer, books, TV remote, etc after you are done for the day?

Do you make the bed sheets in the morning?

Make sure your children are aware. If they aren’t tell them (repeatedly) about how you have cleared up after yourself all the time. Children might need more time to get the point, but they do eventually get it.

At work, do the same and lead by example too.

On projects, complete the project from start to finish. Have the plan and the review prepared. Socialize the findings, share the learnings, even if they were poor.

On more mundane things, do you clear up the meeting rooms after a meeting, do you put away your trash, do you tidy your table? Every little details speaks loudly of the kind of individual, the kind of leader you are.

Since it is year end, and we are moving into 2018, perhaps you can jot down a new year's resolution to clean up after yourself.

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"Parenting is the new MBA: Succeed at work by applying parenting skills” is a column that combines 2 distinct areas of my life: my professional view on workplace management & my personal experience as a parent.

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