All day is “Give my best” day

All day is "Give my best" day cover

Regardless of time of day, kids are super kids all day, without a good concept of time yet, kids will do most things till they complete it, they will also do most things with whole hearted dedication. If they don’t know how to do it, they just keep trying. The same determination that teaches them how to pick up a single pea with their fingers, the same will that powers them to take their first step. 

Kids are fighters

Kids are optimistic creatures

Kids keep on doing it

Kids give their best all day

The caveat to give their best is not always being on their best behaviour, but really pouring their heart into everything that they do. It could be making a mess of the home too. 😃

As employers and employees in organisations big and small, it is the collective giving our best in everything that we do, in all the tasks that will result in the least friction and best outcome for the organisation and hence, its people. 

Let’s learn from kids to give your best in everything. 

When on a task, forget about time, don’t let the calendar reminder distract your thought process. Really block out time to get something done, well. What do I need to do a little more so I can get it done, do you need someone else’s assistance? Keep trying so you make it happen, iteratively work on the project so there will be continuous exploration and learning.

At the end of the day, giving your best not only helps the organization but yourself too. You’ll definitely grow and be better the next time around.

Are there days when you felt you had given your best? How did that work out for you? lease share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from you.

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"Parenting is the new MBA: Succeed at work by applying parenting skills” is a column that combines 2 distinct areas of my life: my professional view on workplace management & my personal experience as a parent.

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