Hiring is the workplace’s 10-months pregnancy

Hiring is the workplace's 10-months pregnancy cover

Hiring for a new position can take a while, anything from a couple of days to months on end (some positions even longer than 10 months). It can also be one of the most "distracting" task, unless your job is recruitment.

From preparing the JD, to getting the word out, to sifting through potential candidates, it can really be a long process. There are many rounds of evaluation and interviews. At anytime during the hiring process, candidates can go cold, positions can be closed, etc. (You get the spill.)

Parents-to-be go through their 10 month pregnancy stage in a very similar fashion. It takes ~10 months for a pregnancy to come to full term, there are ups & downs throughout the way, there can be mishaps, and it takes a team effort to eventually delivery the baby.

So, what can we learn?

Below are 4 things I picked up from parenting that applies to hiring:

1. Be excited

Parents to be are excited about what’s installed and you should to as a hiring manager. This new candidate is going to fill a position that will add certain value to your work place. Be excited and rub off that excitement to your candidates. No one wants a boss or colleague that feels dispassionate about what they are doing.

2. Show care and respect

The unborn child is treated with loads of care and concern, mums feed themselves well, rest well and makes sure to get good regular exercise so ensure the child gets the best care. During the hiring process, candidates should also be treated with care and, in this instance, respect. It provides an indication of whether the company is an inclusive company, it gives a glimpse into the culture of the company, and it makes you as the hiring manager human.

3. Be consistent with follow ups

Monthly and then weekly and finally daily, parents visit their doctors for follow up checks. At every appointment, the team of doctors and nurses provides the same consistent care and dedication to caring for the mum and child. As we bring our candidate through the hiring process, from various interviews, to evaluation tests, ensure that your company’s communication is consistent. A dedicated person handles the communication with the candidate and knows exactly what the next step will be. This will install confidence in the candidate, similar to how the care giving team instills confidence for parents.

4. Start learning early

Pre-natal learning is a huge deal for parents to be. (Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_and_perinatal_psychology#Development_of_perception_and_prenatal_learning) Research shows the unborn child has developed senses that allows them to pick up sound and start learning and development from an early stage. During hiring, don’t be obsess with only learning about what the candidate can do, but also dedicate time during the interview to let the candidate learn about your company and yourself. Remember that it is not enough for the company to select a candidate, the candidate must also be willing to join the company. 

10 months sounds long, but it usually goes by very quickly. However long it takes for hiring, looking back it will also feel very quick. So, enjoy every moment and remember to start on the right footing, for continued success into your candidate’s actual career.

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"Parenting is the new MBA: Succeed at work by applying parenting skills” is a column combines of 2 distinct areas of my life: my professional view on workplace management & my personal experience as a parent.

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